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Hello, and welcome to 3 Brothers Waterproofing, a family owned and operated company, proudly serving Southeastern PA, New Jersey, and parts of Northern Delaware, since 1967! 3 Brothers Waterproofing provides Basement Waterproofing, Mold Removal, Basement Renovations, and all other basement-related works. With 5 decades worth of experience, and multiple locations in the Tri-State Area, 3 Brothers Waterproofing will help you with all your basement needs. 3 Brothers Waterproofing has experience in the assessment, design, and construction management for waterproofing systems, specifically below-grade waterproofing. Our tight-knit staff of professional engineers, architects, building technologists, and registered waterproofing consultants have developed effective waterproofing solutions for over 200 various structures. To say that "we know our stuff," is a great injustice to our family, because we have all but mastered our craft!

With a unique breath of experience and longevity, 3 Brothers Waterproofing offers consulting on below-grade waterproofing for both deep and shallow foundations, both in and above local water tables. Call 3 Brothers Waterproofing at 1.844.671.4300 to get your free, no obligation estimate!

Does your basement leak? Don't wait! Waterproof your basement now!

There are many reasons why Basement Waterproofing is a good idea. If you're among the many homeowners who dread the rain or snow because you know what it will do to your basement, it's time to take action. Your basement can be a great addition to your home, but when you aren't able to take full advantage of it, it can lead to headaches and disappointment. Take basement waterproofing into your own hands and be done with the problem once and for all.

Avoid mold infested homes! Learn about Mold Removal

3 Brothers Waterproofing provides mold remediation services to our customers. If you have recently had a home inspection and mold was found, 3 Brothers Waterproofing can help.


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Unfortunately, most all houses will at some point face the inevitable issue of water penetration into the basement. Basements are underground, and eventually water will find its way in. 3 Brothers Waterproofing has been tackling water intrusion issues for a long, long time now, and we don't plan on stopping any time soon. There is no cookie-cutter solution or method for keeping your home dry and mold-free. Your water problem is different than your neighbors water problem. That is exactly what separates us from the rest. We install a waterproofing system based on the actual problem, not a "standard" problem. Go to our Waterproofing page to learn more about our Waterproofing methods, and our Outside Drainage page for a very detailed and in-depth look at just what waterproofing is. And don't forget about our Basement FAQ page for some of the most commonly asked questions about waterproofing procedures...

Mold Remediation

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Water causes mold. It's gross - it's nasty - it's hazardous to your health. Mold or mildew or fungus, or whatever adjective you choose to describe it, all equates to the same thing - AVOID THIS STUFF!! Mold comes in a vast variety of many different species, and some molds can even be invisible to the human eye, and wreak havoc not only on your home, but also on your health. Different molds require different treatments. 85% of mold is invisible, and while you think everything is honky-dory, in actuality, there may be a science experiment going on behind your walls, under your carpet, in your ducts, etc. Without having a professional come in to let you know at least if there MIGHT be something causing a mold issue, you're left in a potentially dangerous sitation. If you so much as suspect something, don't brush it under the rug! Consultations are free. Call us!! Check out our Mold Remediation page and our Mold FAQpage...


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So, you waterproofed your basement and you got rid of all that nasty mold too. Now what? Now it's time to finish that basement, and get aaaalllll that extra living space! 3 Brothers Waterproofing has a dedicated Renovations unit, which has been overseen and run by the same person (Uncle Tony) since the day our doors opened! We can do absolute wonders to your basement; not just your basement, either. We can remodel any part of your home. Need a new kitchen? Check! Need an updated bathroom? Check! Want to turn the basement into a man cave, an office, a gym, or a kids room? Check... and check! If you have the dream and the desire, we have the drive and the know-how. All that is needed from you, is an idea. Have a look-see at some of our Renovations projects...

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