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3 Brothers Waterproofing doesn't simply call it a day after waterproofing, mold removal, and home remodeling... Oh no, no, NO! 3 Brothers Waterproofing also has a master plumber on staff, and he is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Our customers never pay an additional emergency fee

When our company first opened its doors in 1967, our family has had licensed, master plumbers that were available anytime, day or night. Throughout the years, the craft has been passed down. And although plumbing is something that anyone with enough smarts and drive can master, very few places can say that they have that special 3 Brothers "touch" to go along with their plumbing work.

Here is a list detailing some of the plumbing work we can do, whether it's new installs, upgrades, or repairs:


Underground view of drain pipes underneath home
Running toilets? Leaky faucets? Dangling fixtures? Whatever plumbing ailment you have been unfortunate enough to be plagued with, you need not worry any longer. All you need to do is contact 3 Brothers, and our master plumber will be out there lickity split, and remedy what will soon be a past-plumbing-issue. Leaks, whether minor or extreme, are never something you want to leave unattended, as they can (and will) develop into something larger, and plumbing leaks can be just as responsible for hazardous mold as exterior water intrusion issues!


Underground view of drain pipes underneath home
Whether it's hot water heaters, tankless water heaters, new toilets, new sinks and fixtures, or general pipe repair & installation, you need to have a qualified professional come to your home to take care of it. Lucky for you, we get to set our own prices, which allows us to give back to you, our customer. You can firmly place your trust in our hands, and we will do everything we can to not let you down. When we commit to doing plumbing work (or any type of work), the price is the price. We are not going to come back and tell you we ran into some unforeseen complications, and jack up the price on you, like lots of companies do. We are well aware that unexpected circumstances can arise while doing work, but after agreeing on a job and a price, that becomes our problem, not yours! That, among other things, is what separates us from the generic bevy in the industry.

Pipes & Disposals

Underground view of drain pipes underneath home
3 Brothers Waterproofing can repair and replace any and all pipes in your home. Whether there are bad pipes in the bathroom, the basement, the kitchen, etc., we can fix them. There are many simple plumbing repairs which a homeowner can do themselves, that is undeniable. It is not always essential to bring in a master plumber for said repairs. But think of it this way - if you have the option to bring in a family-oriented, local, fair & honest company that won't hurt your pocket, why would you even go through the stress of doing repairs yourself, when you should be resting and relaxing, with your mind at ease with our plumber in your home. Have a disposal that stopped working, or want a brand spankin' new one? That's easy! Just give us a call at 1.844.671.4300, and that disposal will be nothing more than an afterthought...


Underground view of drain pipes underneath home
Winterizing a home, plumbing wise, can be of the utmost importance! Owning a home, you know the responsibilities that come with it, and the pride you take in it, so protecting all aspects of it is key. Our family will keep you set for the winter. We'll protect your pipes with the necessary anti-freeze, we'll insulate the pipes and check all the discharges to make sure they are clear and won't clog and / or freeze up. We'll flush the pipes and make sure they are operating like new, so you won't have to worry about any issues, even in the harshest of winters.