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Basement FAQs

Why does my basement leak?

We hear that question all the time. There are a number of reasons that your basement could be leaking. Hydrostatic pressure that builds up under the floor or the walls, high humidity, possibly an underground stream, inferior or improperly installed waterproofing, deteriorated or no sealant on the outside foundation walls.

How can I tell where the water is coming from?

Water can enter the foundation through many ways. The most common area is where the wall and floor meet, known as the “cove”. This is a natural seam in which the water can most easily penetrate through your foundation. Hydrostatic pressure is another common source of water penetration. This is the water pressure under your house that causes water to penetrate into the basement. There are many other sources that cause water to penetrate into your house, some are common and some are not easily noticeable.

What happens if I decide to wait to get my basement fixed?

It’s far too common that homeowners have either turned their head and ignored the problem or simply were unaware of the problem and finished off their basement. Thousands upon thousands of hard earned dollars have been wasted on finished basements due to moisture problems. Mold and mildew, warped paneling, lifted floor tiles and ruined carpeting are the result of dampness. In unfinished basements, a prolonged presence of moisture can lead to cracked walls and floors, causing possibly severe structural damage to your foundation. Dampness will also promote mold growth, which has been linked to several health hazards.

What is the cost to have my basement waterproofed?

The costs vary greatly. Depending on the problem, the amount of work needed and the method you choose to correct the problem. For this reason, 3 Brothers Waterproofing will send out our trained Inspectors at no cost to you, the homeowner. This way, you will be able to make an educated decision on the proper way to fix the problem.

Will there be dust and mold particulates in the air when the work is being done?

The nature of this type of work will produce dust and the possibility for mold particulates to enter the air. We at 3 Brothers Waterproofing are VERY conscious of this danger. Before the work starts, a HEPA filtered negative air machine is set up in the work area to trap dust and mold spores. In addition, 6ml Poly sheathing is placed over the HVAC system and over any items that you wish to be sure to protect. Doorways that lead to the rest of the house are also protected; this procedure is called “containment”. When the job is finished, our installation team will broom clean the area and remove any job-related debris.

Will this waterproofing system increase the value of our home?

Absolutely! When you are ready to sell your house, you will be able to offer the new homeowner a clean, dry basement, warranted for the entire time they own the house for. It will show the prospective buyer that you take pride in your home by protecting it against moisture and mold.

This all sounds great, how do I get started?

Now’s the time to call 3 Brothers Waterproofing waterproofing toll free at 1-844-671-4300 or just fill out our contact form. Our representative will schedule an appointment around your busy schedule. If you think that you have an “emergency” situation, let our representative know and they will do everything possible to look at your house immediately. Remember, the solution to your sick basement is just a phone call away.

Please contact 3 Brothers Waterproofing to take the proper steps to keep your home clean of mold.